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How do I change the person responsible for application receipt?
How do I change the person responsible for application receipt?

Find out how you can change the person responsible for an application receipt (e.g. due to extended holiday absence).

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The user who is entered under "Application received by / contact person advertisement:". Is informed by e-mail about new online applications / registrations. They are also stored as the responsible person in the process step and are therefore responsible for this step in the process. They are also displayed in the advertisement with their telephone number as the contact person.


  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

Change the responsible person for a job that has already been advertised

1. Click on "Jobs" in the menu

2. Click on the settings icon next to the job you want to edit

3. Select "Advertisements" on the left-hand side of the job overview

4. Select the new person under "Application received by / contact person advertisement :*". If the desired user is not available for selection, you must first grant authorization. You can find help on authorizations here.

5. Then click on "Save".


There are basically two variants:

Variant 1

The responsible person is the respective contact person for the advertised job (e.g. as stated on the website or in the job application portal).

Variant 2

The responsible person is a team mailbox. This means that all employees from HR are always informed. In this case, however, the Responsible person should be adjusted to the person who is actually responsible for each step.

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