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How do I enter a new job?
How do I enter a new job?

Learn how to post a new job and find more detailed help articles in this section.

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  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

Create new job

1. Click on "Job" in the menu.

2. Click on the button on the left side

Job overview

1. First select which "Job type" it is (apprenticeship, internship, employees).

Once you have made this selection, further fields will appear.

2. If a similar job is already advertised, Dualoo automatically suggests it. Otherwise, an "Empty job profile must be entered".

You can find the job profiles that have already been entered in the "Settings" under "Job profile" (more on this topic).

3. Select the desired "Job posting language/s"

4. If more than one "Job posting language/s" is selected, the "Main language" must also be specified.

Enter the various professional titles and, if desired, an "additional text" (e.g. office staff). If you have selected several languages for the advertisement, you must enter the professional titles in each language.

The gender-neutral designation is used to advertise the job and the gender-specific designation is then used accordingly in the placeholders in emails to candidates.

5. Specify "Number of jobs" and leave "Status" at "Open".

6. Click on "Continue", this will take you directly to the

If you have not yet created a job with this title, the button "Create empty job profile" appears.

Job Information

1. If you have entered several locations in Dualoo, you can select the "Location" of the job here.

2. Specify the "Start of employment" (only one selection possible).

3. Specify the "Work percentage".

If 100 to 100% is selected, no workload is displayed in the job advertisement.

Example of presentation in the application portal for a workload of 80 - 100%:

Example of presentation in the application portal for a workload of 100% - 100%:

4. Specify the "Employment contract" ("Limited"or "Unlimited").

5. Select the corresponding "Process".

6. If you want to add "internal job notes", set the button to "On".

7. Click on "Continue" to go directly to the

User rights

1. Enter the desired Authorizations. By default, the person who creates the new job is entered and, if available, the persons who had authorizations for previous jobs (information from existing job profiles) are taken over.

In this guide you will find the overview of Authorizations and Roles in Dualoo.

2.Click on "Continue" to go directly to the

Job advertisement

1. Click now on "Add online job advertisement".

2. Here you will find the instructions for creating a digital job advertisement.

Enter all necessary information.

We recommend digital job advertisements instead of using a PDF.

3. You now have various options for saving the newly created job:

"Save without publishing" - Saves the newly entered position

"Save and publish" - Saves the newly entered position & directs you to

"Close" - Discards all your changes and the position is not recorded


1. Here you will find an overview of the different types of jobs publication / publication with dualoo.

2. From now on, applicants can apply directly online for this job. The responsible person is conveniently informed via e-mail about the receipt of new applications.

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