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How can I send calendar or appointment invitations to employees (internally)?
How can I send calendar or appointment invitations to employees (internally)?

In this article you will learn how to send calendar invitations to employees and also to yourself as an e-mail.

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  • Recruiter rights (authorization to collaborate in the process / dossier)


This function is for internal invitations only - candidates will be informed separately by e-mail.

Further general information:

- Appointments with your colleagues must be made in your calendar tool.

- The sent internal appointment invitations are not displayed in the process step.

Process flow Notify employees in process steps

1. If you add a new 'process step' in a candidate dossier and enter the complete data of an appointment for the first time, Dualoo will automatically ask you to send an internal 'calendar invitation'.

2. By clicking "Yes" another mask appears in which you can edit the appointment accordingly. In the following you will find the individual options according to the numbering in the picture.

3. By default, the person in charge and the person performing this 'process step' are inserted as recipients. Additional persons can be added by clicking in the 'Recipient' field.

4. Subject and the message are automatically generated by Dualoo This text can be customized if required.

5. The checkbox Send appointment invitation is activated by default. If it is deactivated, no appointment/calendar invitation will be sent but only an e-mail for information.

6. You can choose between the following appointment options: "Availability": "Busy" / "Available" "Visibility": "Normal" / "Confidential

7. The "location" can be entered purely informatively, but no meeting room / resource reservations are made via Dualoo.

8. By clicking on "Send", the appointment invitations are sent to the corresponding recipients

Note: Cancellations or replies are not forwarded to you. All recipients will be informed in the appointment therefore that cancellations / replies are not to be made through this appointment.

Editing / Sending an appointment again

1. If you change the data of an appointment, Dualoo will automatically ask you to resend an appointment invitation.

Important: The "old/existing" 'appointment invitation' is not automatically deleted or updated in your calendar.

2. If you want to invite more employees, you can do this at any time by clicking on the 3 points in the process step.

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