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How does the IdentyFi personality analysis work in Dualoo?
How does the IdentyFi personality analysis work in Dualoo?

Learn how to invite applicants for a personality analysis IdentyFi from and how it works

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  • The 'personality analysis' must be activated by your 'administrator' and integrated into the application process.

  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

Information: As Gateway's Identify personality analysis is only available in German, some of the pictures in our instructions are only shown in German.

How can the step personality analysis be added?

1. In the candidate dossier you can create the "step" "personality analysis" as a new step.

2. Enter the desired date in the future on which the test should be completed and go to "Send e-mail"

Note: In our standard e-mail / letter template we give candidates 2 days to complete the test.

3. Select the desired e-mail "Select template" for the invitation to the candidates

The placeholders [[IDENTYFI_LINK]] and [[IDENTYFI_CODE]] are automatically generated and replaced accordingly when sending.

Note: Sending the invitation will incur costs (if the candidates click on the link and start the personality analysis) according to the current prices of

Tip: Of course it is also possible to generate the invitation as a document and send it by mail, but due to the manual entry of the link we recommend to avoid this.

4. Below is an example of an e-mail invitation to the candidates with replaced placeholders

5. Clicking on the link opens the registration window for the candidates.

6. After registration, candidates can take the test. As soon as the test has been carried out, the responsible person will receive an information by e-mail and the 'Personality Analysis' will be displayed in the 'Process Step' under 'Communication'.

Note: Candidates will not receive the evaluation of the personality analysis.

7. The 'personality analysis' can be viewed and evaluated accordingly. Then the next process steps can be carried out as usual.

How can I activate the IdentyFi personality analysis and integrate it into the application process? You will learn this in this article.

Sample Personality Analysis

Here you will find a sample personality analysis for learners and employees for download.

Pattern evaluation IdentyFi® Pro for employees: Download

Pattern evaluation IdentyFi® for learners: Download

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