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How can I generate correspondence (letters / e-mail)?
How can I generate correspondence (letters / e-mail)?

Learn how to generate a new correspondence. Create a PDF or send an email directly from Dualoo.

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  • Authorization as a "recruiter" is required to work on the dossier and to communicate with the applicants.

Generate letter / document

1. Click in the "Cockpit" under "Fast navigation" in the search mask and enter the name of the applicant

2. Select the correct dossier and click on the button "To XY's dossier"

3. Dualoo now jumps directly to the dossier of the selected candidate. Alternatively, you can select the job via the menu item "Jobs" and search and select the candidate there.

4. Select the candidate's 'Dossier' and the 'Process Step'. In this example it is the 'Application Receipt' of the job Customer Support Agent.

5. Now click on the 'Generate Document' button.

6. Now "Select template"

7. If desired, individual adjustments can now be made to the text.

8. Click on the button

9. Once the document (PDF) has been generated, it can be opened and printed under the title Communication.

Send e-mail

1. Perform step 1 - 4 of Create letter.

2. Click on the button "Send e-mail

3. "Select template" or define the content individually

4. Choose whether you want to send the e-mail "Send immediately" or "Send later".

5. Finally confirm by clicking on "Send".

6. The e-mail is now sent to the applicant at the desired time. You will receive an answer directly in Dualoo. Of course, you will receive an e-mail as soon as we have received the applicant's answer.

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