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How can I add internal comments/notes and files to a dossier?
How can I add internal comments/notes and files to a dossier?

Learn how to add internal comments and files to a 'dossier'.

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This ensures that all your team members are up to date with the latest information and have all necessary files at their disposal.


  • 'Recruiter' rights (authorization to collaborate in the process / dossier)

Create new internal comment / note

1. Click in the "Cockpit" under "Fast navigation" in the search mask and enter the name of the applicant

2. Select the correct dossier and click on the button "To XY's dossier"

3. Dualoo now jumps directly to the 'Dossier' of the selected candidate. Alternatively, you can also select the job via the menu item "Job" and search and select the candidate there.

4. Select the 'Dossier' and the 'Process Step' of the candidate. In this example it is the 'Application Receipt' of the job Customer Support Agent.

5. Click on the button "In-house note" in the step

6. A new window will open. Enter your comment and click on

7. A new entry can now be found under 'Communication'.

8. Now all 'recruiters', who are entitled to this position, can see the comment or note.

Add new file as attachment

1. Proceed in the same way as above. But now click on the button "Upload | Drag & Drop" to select the file.

2. The file will now also appear under the 'Communication' item and can be viewed by all authorized 'Recruiters'.

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