How can I delete / archive employees?

Learn how to hand over tasks and responsibilities and revoke access from employees/Dualoo users.

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  • Authorization as HR-Manager or Admin

Current procedure (workaround) Delete employees

It is currently not possible to delete employees from Dualoo (this is under development). However, it is already possible to revoke the access rights of employees who have left.

Important: Before this is done, it is important to hand over all open ratings and dossiers to the successor so that nothing is forgotten. Therefore, in this article we will first show you which checks you should carry out. These also depend on what authorisations the leaving employee had. At the end of this article, we will show you how to effectively block access.

Check in the ratings (for all users / roles)

1. Filter all open ratings of the leaving employee.

2. Open the respective open rating and delete it via the 3-dot button.

3. If the rating is to be made by the successor, add this user.

Check in the dossiers & jobs (additionally with Recruiter)

1. Filter in the dossier overview with open steps for which the leaving employees is responsible.

2. Open the respective dossier and hand over the responsibility for the step to the successor.

3. Now switch to the "Jobs" menu.

4. In the job overview, filter all vacancies for which the leaving employees have authorization.

5. Then open the detailed settings of the corresponding jobs via the "settings button" on the far right.

6. Go to the job advertisement and make sure that the leaving employee is no longer selected.

Remove authorization (additionally for HR-Manager & Admin)

1. Now switch to the menu item "employees

Edit the desired employees and set the authorization for the Admin and HR-Manager to "Off".

Withdraw access authorisation

1. Now switch to the menu item "employees" and edit the desired employee by clicking on the line. 2. change the then email address to an interim email address, which you can access.

2. Change the e-mail address to an interim e-mail address to which you have access. Dualoo will automatically send an e-mail with a link to set a new password. 3.

3. Set a new password, preferably with the help of a password generator. E.g. the generator from

4. Now you can finally adjust the e-mail address by adding "archiv_" in front of the original address, e.g. [email protected].

This way you still know what the original e-mail address was and yet the user can no longer log in, even if it were known which addition you put in front of the e-mail address.

5. Finally, add a zzzarchiv_ or z-ausgetreten_ or similar before the first and last name. This will display these names at the bottom of the selection and it will be obvious that this is an employee who has left.

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