How can I delete / deactivate employees?

Learn how to assign tasks and responsibilities and revoke access from employees/ Dualoo users.

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Deactivate employees (automatically)

1. Go to "Employees" and click on the 3-dot button for the employee to be deactivated.

2. A pop-up opens and all authorizations, responsibilities in open steps and open ratings as well as contact roles of the person are displayed. Before deactivation, all open Tasks and Responsibilities must be transferred or completed.

3. After deactivation, the user is displayed accordingly in the overview.

All persons who are newly Responsible or have been assigned a new role will be informed of this by e-mail

4. Reactivation would be possible again via the 3-point button.

Manual handover

If certain tasks or responsibilities are to be handed over to several different persons, the handover must be carried out manually. For each job, dossier, process step or open rating, you can decide to which person it should be handed over. The easiest way to transfer manually is to use filters in the respective overview lists. You will therefore find the various filter settings below.

Go through all the following points and finally you only need to deactivate the desired employee in the employees area.

Jobs - Recruiter rights & advertisement contact person

To assign vacancies to different employees, proceed as follows:

1. filter all vacancies in the job overview for which the departing employee has authorisations. If you hover over the "online publication" icon, you can already see whether the person is also stored as an advertisement contact person.

2. Then open the detailed settings for the relevant jobs using the "Settings" button on the far right.

3. Go to the "Advertisements" section and select the desired person who should now be responsible for application receipt and who should also be displayed as the contact person in the advertisement.

4. Then go to the "Authorizations" area and remove the rights of the employees to be deactivated.

Dossiers - Responsible person

To transfer open process steps in dossiers to different employees, proceed as follows:

1. Filter in the dossier overview with open steps for which the departing employee is Responsible.

2. Open the relevant dossier and hand over responsibility for the step to the successor.

Dossiers - executing person

Proceed as follows to transfer the executing person in open process steps to different employees:

1. Filter the open steps in the dossier overview by the person carrying out the process (this is not displayed in the overview).

2. Open the respective dossier and hand over the role of the executing person for the step to the successor.

3. Would you like to send a calendar invitation via Dualoo to the new person who is now stored as the executing person? Then click on the 3-dot button and then on "Notify employees".

4. If you would also like to send your candidates an update about a new executing person, click on Send email. If you use the placeholders for the executing person in your templates, the new name is automatically inserted.

Ratings - Rater

1. Filter all Open ratings of the departing employee.

2. Open the respective open rating and delete it using the 3-dot button.

3. If the rating is to be made by the successor, add this user.

Deactivate employees

Have you completed all the manual steps for transferring jobs, responsibilities, and ratings? Then you can now deactivate the user.

You only need to define to which successor the e-mail will be forwarded and which, if any, will be sent to the deactivated person.

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