Delete employees

Currently it is not possible to delete an employee from the employee overview. However, the employee's access authorization can be withdrawn.

1. All open tasks should first be transferred to the next or deputy employee. This way you can ensure that nothing is forgotten.

If the employee has recruiter rights, then first go to the "open positions" and check whether the leaving employee is stored in the "open positions" as the person responsible for receiving applications and transfer this to the newly responsible person.

Then go to the "Dossiers" and transfer all open process steps of the corresponding employee to the new responsible person.

If the leaving employee is an evaluator, then go to the "Evaluations" and sort by "Open assessement" of the corresponding employee. Transfer all open evaluations to the new responsible person.

2. Next, go to the "Settings" in the "User rights". Check whether the employee to be deleted is stored as site administrator.

To find out how to do this, read the section Removing a Site Administrator.

Check whether the employee to be deleted is stored as a recruiter. For information on how to do this, see here in the section Withdraw recruiter authorizations.

3. Create a rule together with the leaving employee, in his e-mail account, to forward all e-mails with [Dualoo] in the subject to the following person. This will ensure that the reply e-mails of the applicant are also processed.

Tip: If the person leaving is not a recruiter and there has been no e-mail contact with the applicant, this point can be skipped.

Tip: A little help for the most used email accounts and generally for forwarding in Dualoo can be found here.

4. If you do not want the employee who has left to be able to log in to Dualoo and thus view completed ratings etc., then the last thing you need to do is set a new password.

Option 1: The employee who has left the company logs into his account with you. You can see how to set a new password together here.

Variant 2: You have access to the e-mail account of the leaving employee, then you can have a new password sent to his e-mail address and then overwrite his password (without knowing the old password). Instructions here.

Tip: Choose a random password e.g. via a password generator, which you do not memorize/write down yourself, so that you cannot log in with this user either.

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