Why does it need an automatic assignment?

In order to have all the information from an applicant in one dossier, it is important that Dualoo assigns online applications to a (possibly) already existing dossier. This ensures that each applicant has only one dossier. It doesn't matter whether he or she has applied via paper or online.

Matching rules for a successful assignment

There are five different rules, which result in an automatic assignment. Dualoo starts with the first rule. As soon as a rule is true, an assignment is done.

The following fields must match between the new online application and the existing dossier:

1. E-mail address AND (birthday date OR first name OR mobile number)

2. Mobile number AND (birthday date OR first name)

3. First name AND last name AND date of birth AND (zip code OR city)

4. First Name AND Last Name AND Gender AND Street AND (Zip Code OR City)

5. First Name AND Date of Birth AND Gender AND Street AND (Zip Code OR City)

With these five rules, marriage, relocation and common spelling mistakes can be intercepted and an assignment still be possible.

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