Webinar: Manual

Here you can find the instructions for participating in our webinar.

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We work with the tool Demodesk for webinars. You do not need any installation on your computer or other devices. The transmission takes place exclusively in the browser/internet.

In the following you will find a short instruction with screenshots.

1. Click on the link you received by e-mail.

2. Enter your name and click on "Join the meeting".

3. Specify how you want to participate in the webinar

Option 1: Activate cam and mic (if you have a headset and camera on your PC or laptop).

Option 2: Dual in via phone (if you want to hear the sound of the webinar via phone)

1. If you are at the PC and have a headset you can select "join with your browser ad headset".

2. Otherwise you can select "join with your phone by dialing a number".

Then a phone number will appear in the next window, which you can call to get the sound of the webinar.

3. Questions can also be asked directly via this icon

can be presented in the webinar. By clicking on x the chat window disappears and by clicking again on the icon

the chat appears again.

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