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How do I invite candidates to video interviews / video meetings?
How do I invite candidates to video interviews / video meetings?

In this article you will learn how to conduct video meetings in Dualoo and how to invite candidates.

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If video interviews are not available in your application process, please contact your admin.

Add Video Interview & Invite Candidates

1. Go to the detailed view in the candidate dossier of the desired candidate and add the video interview as a new step.

2. Enter the date, start and end time of the video interview.

3. The message for sending the internal calendar invitation to the employees appears as soon as all information has been entered. The video URL was automatically created and inserted under Location. Via this link you can enter the video interview on your part.

4. Send the internal notification including the appointment invitation.

5. Click now on Send e-mail to send the invitation including the video URL to the applicant.

Info: The invitation can also be created by letter using the Generate Document button. However, this means that the link must be laboriously typed by hand by the applicant.

6. After you have selected the desired e-mail template, the video URL (link to the video) will be inserted automatically.

Info: Make sure that your e-mail contains instructions for the applicants.

7. Send the invitation to the candidate

8. To join the meeting, simply click on the link in your invitation. The video interview will start automatically.

Here you will find instructions on how to successfully log in to the video meeting. This is the same as the instructions for candidates.

Further Information

The video meetings in Dualoo are real-time live. The video conversation is not recorded or stored.

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