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Are you unsure which is the most suitable procedure for you to forward a dossier to the line in dualoo? You can find an overview of the possibilities here.


  • Rights as "Recruiter" (authorisation to participate in the process / dossier)

  • "Detailed assessements" must be activated in your process. If this is not the case, please contact your admin.


1. Click on "Add raters" in the dossier in the step "receiving applications"

2. Select the desired line employee and then click on the button "Add assessement".

3. The line will automatically be informed about the open evaluation.

4. As soon as the evaluating person has completed the evaluation, you as recruiter will be informed and can continue the process.


1. If you also want to do a preselection as a recruiter, you can find the instructions here.

2 .You can also apply this procedure to all other steps in the application process. For example, you can ask for an evaluation of the line after the interview.

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