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If you are not sure what is the most appropriate procedure for forwarding a dossier to the line in Dualoo. You can find an overview of the possibilities here.


  • You and the line must have rights as 'recruiters' for the post concerned. You can find instructions on how to assign rights here.

  • By default, we recommend that you do not grant 'recruiter' rights to the line.

  • Recruiter rights are only necessary for the line if parts of the application process are planned and executed entirely by the line. For example, the coordination, planning and implementation of interviews or trial work, including information to the applicant and decisions on further procedures.


1. In the dossier in the step "Receipt of application" you can adjust both the person responsible and the person carrying out the application. By clicking on the name you can select other employees (with recruiter rights on this position) as the responsible person. The person carrying out the application is relevant for any placeholders in e-mails and letters. For both fields, select the new responsible or performing employee.

2. The newly responsible employee is informed by e-mail and can continue the application process accordingly.

3. Depending on the responsibilities, the individual steps as described above can also be returned to the HR employee (e.g. for drawing up a contract in the case of a commitment).

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