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How can I submit a rating?
How can I submit a rating?

In this article you will see how to submit a rating and what other options you have in the ratings.

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  • No specific authorization required. All employees (Users) can be invited by 'Recruiter' in the process step to a detailed rating.

  • Detailed rating must be activated by an 'Admin' in the 'Application process'.

  • Process step must be open

Submit rating

You will be informed by e-mail that you have to submit a rating in Dualoo. You can see what this information looks like here.

1. Enter your rating by dragging the slider or entering the value in the 'value' field.

2. Enter comments if you want to mention something more.

You can see the difference between internal and external comments further down in the article.

3. You can edit or delete comments by clicking on the Edit button.

4. Complete the rating

As soon as you click on "Complete rating", a pop-up appears with a summary of your rating. This rating is also included in the matching index and thus in the overall rating of the candidate dossier.

Information: In order to complete a rating, you must have rated at least one criteria. However, there are generally no compulsory criterias, you can always omit criteria if you are unable to assess them.

5. Only employees (users) with recruiter rights can release ratings for other raters.

Rating expired

Ratings can only be edited as long as the corresponding process step is open in the dossier. If work continues in the process, no more ratings can be submitted. The status "Rating expired" is automatically set and is thus also completed.

Generate rating as pdf-document (feedback sheet)

What is this and what is it used for?

Above the evaluation criteria you will find the button "Generate document". This allows you to enter your rating as a pdf document. This is mainly used to give the evaluation of trial apprenticeships to the potential apprentices.

What is the difference between the draft and the final document?

As long as your rating is not completed, the document can be generated as a draft. All criterias will be displayed. This can be used to give the trial apprenticeship assessment as a physical printout to the supervisor.

Once your rating is completed, the final document can be generated. Only the completed criterias will be displayed.

What is the difference between internal and external comments?

Internal comments are not displayed in the pdf document (feedback sheet), but the external ones are. Nothing is automatically sent to candidates in this section.

Information on the weighting of criterias

All completed detailed ratings are included in the matching index. The matching index allows 'recruiters' to enter a ranking of candidates in the dossier overview. The degree to which a criterion is included in this index depends on the weighting, which is indicated after each criterion.

If a criterion has a weighting of 0, this rating is not included in the overall rating (matching index) of the dossier. These are shown with circles instead of stars.

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