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How can I advertise jobs on Jobup?
How can I advertise jobs on Jobup?

In the following article you will learn how to advertise your job easily on

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By placing the link to the application form on the Apply button, you will also receive applications received via this job portal directly online in Dualoo.


  • Recruiter rights

  • You need a job with an activated online application. So first you must always create the job in Dualoo. Read here how you can publish the job.

  • The following field must be activated by in your account (activation is free of charge): ‘Directlink 2nd level Application link’.

Advertisement with link to online application

1. Go to the ‘"Jobs" menu in Dualoo and select the job you want to advertise on

2. Click on the settings for the relevant job on the right-hand side.

3. Now select "Publish" on the left-hand side.

4. If you see a message that you have not yet entered an advertisement, you must prepare this accordingly. Read here how to publish the job.

5. Under the item "Links to the application form (job platforms)" you can select the label. If this label is not in the selection, you can simply write the desired name in the field.

6. Make sure that the button is set to "On".

7. Copy the specific link to the application form for Click on "Copy link".

8. The changes will be saved automatically.

9. Now you can switch to and log in there with your company login.

10. Click on "Publish a job ad" or edit an existing advertisement where you would like to integrate the link to Dualoo's online application form.

11. Create the advertisement with the usual information and paste the copied link to the application form from Dualoo under "Directlink 2nd level Application link". It is important that you do not also enter the e-mail address so that the applications are effectively only received online directly in Dualoo.

Tip: If there is no field with the name ‘Directlink 2nd level Application link’ in your view / screen, you can have this activated free of charge via support. This is hidden by default.

12. Save the advertisement and publish it as usual.

13. By clicking on the "Apply" button, applicants are taken directly to the input mask for the Dualoo online application as usual.

15. Now you just have to wait for online applications.

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