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How can I create a QR code for an advertisement or link to the application form?
How can I create a QR code for an advertisement or link to the application form?

We show you how to create QR codes for a newspaper advertisement or other print media.

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  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

  • You need a job with activated online application. Read here how you can publish the job.

Creation of the trackable link in Dualoo

1. Go to the "Jobs" menu in Dualoo and select the job you want to advertise on the job platform.

2. Click on the settings for the corresponding job on the right-hand side.

3. Now select "Publish" on the left-hand side.

4. If you see a message that you have not yet placed an advertisement, you must prepare this accordingly. Read here how to publish the job.

5. Under the item "Links to the application form" you can select the label of the desired job platform. If this label is not in the selection, you can simply write the desired name in the field and enter a new label.

6. Make sure that the button is set to "On".

7. Now you can copy the specific link to the application form for the relevant job portal. Click on "Copy link to".

Creation of the QR code

1. Now open a QR code generator of your choice in your browser.

2. Enter the copied link and a QR code will be generated automatically. If desired, you can also upload a logo or add the colours of your corporate design

3. Save the QR code in your desired documents (flyers, newspaper advertisements, etc.) and test the code before publication.

The QR code generation does not only work for the input mask, but also for the entire advertisement. Simply enter the desired link with the text ending "/detail" instead of "/apply"

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