Update - News from 03.03.2023

All important innovations and improvements from this release are listed in this article.

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New features

👍 Source / Channel

For each application and in each process step, you can now find out via which channel (source) the application was received or created. If necessary, you can also display this information directly in the overview lists.

This means that you can now see which application was received via which advertisement channel. This is according to the channels used when publishing the job (e.g. career portal on your own homepage, Google for Jobs, LinkedIn, jobs, etc.). This means you can now also make evaluations on the quality of application channels. This information is also displayed for existing dossiers and ratings.

In the following Help Center article, you can see how this information can be used for the evaluations and you can download our Excel template for easier evaluation of the most important KPIs.

📖Go to Help Center article

👍 Display of note texts (description) in ratings & handout
We now display the description texts directly in the detailed ratings. These can be stored in the settings under "Templates rating schemes" for each criterion. These texts were previously only visible on the info button of the respective criteria.

The descriptions can now also be displayed in the handout. The corresponding design template must be used for this. You can download our new Best Practice templates from the Help Centre.

👍 Display comments in handout
Now, on the generated document, which can be created as a handout in the ratings, the external comments can also be displayed, which were made without a rating.

Minor improvements

We have made various minor corrections and optimisations.

  • The links in job advertisements now also work in IFrames and it is now also possible to remove links (unlink).

  • In various selection fields, the sorting of the selection list is now sorted alphabetically (e.g. when choosing raters).

  • We have optimised some icons for different menu items.

  • The search function in the job and employee overview has been optimised.

  • In the input mask it can no longer happen that a mandatory fields are not displayed.

  • The logic for sending reminders has been optimised.

  • The video meeting app, which is directly integrated in Dualoo, now works properly via the mobile app (Jitsi Meet Mobile).

  • The interface to Google for Jobs has been optimised.

  • Various telephone numbers (country code) have been added to the number range and can now also be entered.

  • In the case of multilingual job advertisements, the links in the publication section are now always displayed in the selected main language of the job.

  • Spelling errors in the Best Practice template for automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail in French have been corrected.

  • Spelling error of the word process in French has been corrected from "procés" to new "processus".

  • The spelling of the placeholder [[SR_DATUM_FR]] has been corrected and is now written without a full stop.
    Example spelling before: jeudi, 15 juillet 2023
    Example spelling new: jeudi, 15 juillet 2023

  • The application documents (attachments) are displayed in the candidate dossier in the same order as in the input mask.

  • Paragraphs can now also be used in the comment fields of the detailed ratings.

  • Our privacy policy, terms of use and technical and organisational measures are now also available in English and French.

  • Server infrastructure and technologies used have received an update.

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