Update - News from 25.05.2023

All important new features and improvements from this release are listed in this article.

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New features

👍 Interface / API - Job Portal

The latest development of our API / interface allows you to enter a completely separate career portal on your website in your design, but still manage the job advertisements centrally in Dualoo.

In concrete terms, this means that you continue to create the jobs in Dualoo, which are then transferred to your website via the interface and appear there in your design.

However, this requires programming effort on your website / CMS.

Small improvements

We have made several minor corrections and optimizations.

  • Recruiters without authorization to issue acceptances or rejections can now no longer perform mass rejections.

  • In the job portal we have optimized the display of the icon

  • The number of applications that are received via solique and do not have a source are now calculated correctly again.

  • Enhance the indexation of job advertisements on Google for Jobs.

  • In the templates letters / e-mails we have added the missing placeholder D_ORT in our best practice templates interviews.

  • In the templates rating schemes we have adjusted the wording, instead of "visible to" it now says "to be filled in by".

  • The e-mail notifications now also contain additional information about the job. Additional text, start date and location are now also displayed.

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