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Update - News 24.08.2023

All important innovations and improvements of this release are listed in this article.

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New features

👍 Automatic anonymisation
Thanks to the automatic anonymisation of candidate dossiers and the associated ratings, it is now even easier to comply with data protection. In the settings, Dualoo-Admins can now set deadlines after which the dossiers and all associated information are automatically anonymised.

👍 Cleaning up open ratings
To improve the clarity of the ratings, they can only be filled in as long as the process step is open. Afterwards, "Rating expired" appears. Thus, it is no longer necessary to manually delete open ratings. It is therefore no longer possible for ratings to be open for applications that have already been rejected, for example. It is also no longer possible to add new ratings if a process step has already been completed.

👍 Internal job notes
Specific information on jobs can now be entered directly in the job information. This concerns, for example, information on the responsible line manager, the internal job release or the salary band. This information is displayed as a note in the job overview.

👍 Prospective interface
Multiposting is now also possible via the prospective interface. Prerequisite: You must be a prospective customer.


Watch the release presentation in video.

Small improvements

We have made various minor corrections and optimisations.

  • In the details of a job the number of jobs, "0" can now also be selected if a job could not be filled.

  • Hyperlinks can now also be created in the settings under layout job advertisement.

  • Dossier-ID is now available as an additional column in the rating overview, which enables evaluations per anonymised candidate.

  • Call applicants directly from Dualoo? No problem any more, as the telephone numbers are now recognisable for your telephone system.

  • In the rating overview, a filter "Rating expired" is now available for expired ratings.

  • For applications received via the solique interface, more information about the source is now also displayed in the candidate dossier.

  • For social media postings, the additional text "Bewerben" no longer appears before the job title.

  • We have optimised the display of job profiles in the settings.

  • We will revise our KPI Excel template so that anonymised dossiers can also be evaluated using the dossier ID.

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