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Which contact persons are there for Dualoo?
Which contact persons are there for Dualoo?

Here we show which special roles are available in Dualoo and what their tasks are.

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Only admins can manage / assign these special roles for the contact persons in the settings.

Overview contact persons

There are three special roles in Dualoo that fulfil different tasks, particularly in communication.

  • Main contact
    This person is the main contact person for Dualoo. The main contact ensures that all relevant information is forwarded to Dualoo and acts as a link between their own institution and Dualoo.

  • Billing contact

    This is the person to whom we send the invoice and other financial information. A different e-mail address can be specified for sending the invoice.

  • Contact person Data protection

    The data protection contact person is the point of contact for all data protection issues and concerns. This person will be informed of any changes to the data processing agreement or amendments to the sub-processors.

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