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How do I enter a digital advertisement?
How do I enter a digital advertisement?

Learn how to create your 'job ad' directly in Dualoo and what the advantages are over the pdf ad.

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  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

  • A recorded job without 'advertisement' or pdf advertisement (which should be replaced) In this tutorial you can see how to create a position

Create advertisement for a new job

1. When entering a new job, after entering the general data for the job, you will reach the "advertisements" area.

Here you must first "Add online advertisement", so that you can create an 'advertisement'. You can prepare an 'advertisement' for different types of steps ('application receipt' or also 'trial apprenticeship', 'trial work' etc.), which will then be used in the online advertisement.

2. "Process step" - as previously selected (this could be adjusted again here)

3. "Application invoice to: (Responsible Person)"

This person is stored as 'responsible person' in the 'process step' and is informed by e-mail when a new application is received. This person is also displayed as a contact person in the 'advertisement' with his or her telephone number.

4. "Input masks online job application portal": if there are several available, select the appropriate one.

5. "Automatic confirmation of receipt by e-mail": if there are several to choose from, select the appropriate template. This e-mail is sent automatically upon receipt of an online application / registration.

6. Select "Type of advertisement" - "Digital".

We have listed the advantages of digital advertisements over PDF advertisements for you:

  • Perfect display on all end devices (mobile / tablet)-

  • Publication on Google for Jobs possible (Google does not allow PDFs)

  • Texts can be customised and managed directly in Dualoo- No separate tool required for entering PDFs

7. "Cover picture advertisement".

If you set this to "On", you can choose from the images stored in the database to be displayed in the 'job ad' (above as title image). If no suitable picture is available, please contact your administrator. Only images that have been stored by your administrator are available for selection.

8. Advertisement title Publication

Here you can define a completely independent advertisement title (job title) for the publication of the advertisement. Initially, the gender-neutral professional title is used, but this can be overridden with this field.

This option is only available for digital advertisements.

In communication (emails / letters) with applicants, the placeholder of the job profile B_BERUF is used instead of the advert title.

9. "Introduction" (optional field)

If you set the "Introduction" button to "On", you can enter an individual introductory text as a description of your company or a link. The title Introduction is not displayed in the advertisement.

10. 'Tasks' & 'Requirements' (mandatory fields)

Enter the "Tasks" and the "Requirements" of the job. You can customize the title by clicking on the area and it will be displayed in the 'advertisement' accordingly.

11. 'We offer' (optional field)

Enter the information about your offer here. You can customize the title by clicking on the area and it will be displayed in the 'advertisement'. Further information, which you would like to display in the advertisement, can be entered in this text field below.

12. You now have different possibilities to save the 'advertisement' (the new job):

"Save without publishing" - Saves the new job

"Save and publish" - Saves the newly captured job & takes you to 'Publish'

"Close" - Discards all your changes and the position is not recorded

Preview of the digital advertisement / drafts

1. To see a preview of your digital 'advertisement', simply set the button "Applicant portals" (website, intranet) in the Publish section to "On".

2. You can now view your 'advertisement' in the "Go to online job application portal". Go to the job overview and there to the "Go to online job application portal". Then select the appropriate job and you can immediately see how the "job" is published.

3. If you want to visualise the advertisements as a draft in a separate area, the easiest way is to enter an additional 'application portal' for draft jobs and publish it in this area. (Only users with administrator rights can enter new application portals)

You can also send the link to this application portal internally without the advertisement already being published on your website.

4. Now you can view your 'advertisement' in the 'online job application portal'. To do so, go to the job overview and there to the corresponding "Go to online job application portal".

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