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How do I post a job on Google for Jobs?
How do I post a job on Google for Jobs?

Learn how you can easily publish a job on Google for Jobs and have it displayed directly in the job results.

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  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

  • You need an open position with digital job advertisement. Read here how you can enter a new job.

How can I activate the job at Google for Jobs?

Go to the job settings via button

to the menu item "Publish" and set the button at 'Google for Jobs' to "On". The change will be saved automatically. With this click you have already advertised your job at 'Google for Jobs'.

Note: By default the button is set to 'Off'.

Activation and deactivation times

Activating the job can take up to half a day (average < 1h), as Google first checks and verifies your company details. After that, you can search for your job in Google Search and check if your job appears in the Google for Jobs search results box.

Deactivating a job on Google (by resetting the button to "Off") can take up to 3 days. However, only the job advertisement will then be displayed on Google and no more applications can be sent.

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