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How can i publish a job in the application portal?
How can i publish a job in the application portal?
In this article you will learn how to publish a job that has already been created on the application portal.
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  • Rights as 'Recruiter' (right to participate in the process / dossier)

Publish job already created in the application portal

1. Click on "Job" at the top of the menu

2. Click on the icon of the position you want to publish in the overview list

3. Select "job advertisement" in the window on the left side.

4. Now click on:

5. Select the appropriate step for the call. For a traditional alert, select "Application receipt".

6. Define a "process step" and fill in the fields according to your job advertisement. Here you will find the instructions for entering a digital job advertisement.

7. Deposit a "responsible person". This person will be notified by e-mail when an application is received.

8. Select another "Input masks online job application portal". The input mask defines which fields must be entered in the online application (more on this topic)

9. Click on "Save and publish"

10. If you have several job portals, you must first select the right portal. Of course, you can also select several 'application portals'. If you only have one portal, this field is not displayed. If you want to create an additional 'application portal' (e.g. for intranet and website). Then you can read here how this works.

11. In the last point you must assign the new vacancy to an 'application portal' and generate any links for social media, or similar.

12. Finally confirm with "Save".

13. From now on, candidates can apply for this position directly online. The responsible person will be informed conveniently via e-mail about the receipt.

Publish new job in the applicant portal

If the job does not yet exist, you can read here how to enter the job and publish it in the applicant portal.

Publish the job via a link on the company website, other job portals or social media

Here you can find out how to publish the job on other job portals, the social media or via a link on your website (if you have not integrated the applicant portal on your company website).können Sie nachlesen, wie Sie die Stelle auf anderen Stellenportalen, den Social Media's oder über einen Link auf Ihrer Webseite (wenn Sie nicht das Bewerberportal auf Ihrer Firmenwebseite integriert haben) veröffentlichen können.

If you want to take a job from the applicant portal, you can close the advertisement (here you can find the help article).

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