• You need a job with activated online application. Read here how you can publish the job.

1. Click on "Jobs" in the menu above and select the job you want to publish on a job portal or on the social media.

2. Click on the right side of the job on

3. Now select "Publish" on the left side.

4. If a blue message is displayed there, you have to post the position first. Read here how you can publish the job.

5. Under the point "Links to the application form" you can add the different job portals.

6. Now add the job portal (Yousty, or the social media. Is something missing? Then you can simply write the desired name in the field.

7. For example, if you want to integrate the job on your company website via a link and not via the applicant portal, then create a new label "Company website".

8. Now click on "Copy link".

9. Make sure that the button is set to "On". Now switch to Facebook or to the job portal and copy the link there.

10. Facebook, Linkedin and Co. each show one picture. We have added a default image. If you want to add your logo to this image, you can read here how it works.

11. Now you only have to wait for online applications.

Attention: Make sure that the copied links are not mixed up. Dualoo tracks in the background where the applicant comes from.

Detailed instructions for other job portals and social media

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