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How can I publish jobs in the RAV Job Room and how do I fulfill the job notification requirement?
How can I publish jobs in the RAV Job Room and how do I fulfill the job notification requirement?

Learn how to use Dualoo to advertise jobs in the RAV Job Room so that applications are received centrally in Dualoo.

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We will also show you what you need to know about authorities subject to reporting requirements.


  • Authorization: Recruiter

  • Optional: Login / RAV Job-Room

Create job link for RAV Job Room

1. The complete instructions on how to create and advertise a job in Dualoo can be found here. We start in this manual from point 16, so you have created a new job but not yet advertised it online or created any links.

2. Click on the "Add link" field under Links to the application form and select the label RAV Job-Room (this is already suggested by Dualoo).

3. Copy the link (make sure the button is set to "On") and "Save" you.

Post a job in the RAV Job-Room and create a Dualoo Link

1. Go to the website, section for employers Link here

Optional: If a login is available, log in first. Otherwise a new job can be advertised without login.

2. Under Report jobs, enter the job title (can be copied directly from Dualoo) and click on "Next".

3. Enter all information in the input mask, the information can be copied directly from the job description in Dualoo

4. Select online form under Application forms and enter the copied Dualoo link.

Important: do not allow other forms of application (e.g. e-mail), so the applications will be sent directly to Dualoo.

5. Click on report jobs

6. Within max. 72 hours you will receive a confirmation from the RAV that the job is advertised. For jobs subject to reporting requirements, there is a ban on publication for 5 working days, starting on the working day after receipt of the RAV confirmation - only after this period has expired may you advertise the job publicly.

Tip: Create a reminder in your diary so that you can publish the job on other portals and on your company website after the 5 days have expired.

7. All applications you receive from job seekers via the RAV Job Room will be sent directly to Dualoo via the job link and you can process the application as usual.

8. Note: If you post a non-notifiable job in the RAV Job Room, you can also post the job on other platforms or the company website at the same time.

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