This means that you will also receive the applications received via this job portal directly online in Dualoo.


  • Recruiter rights

  • You need a job with activated online application. Read here how you can publish the job.

1. In Dualoo, go to the "Jobs" menu and select the job you want to write out on LENA.

2. Click on the settings for the corresponding position on the right side.

3. Now select "Publish" on the left side.

4. If a message is displayed that you have not yet placed a job ad, you must prepare this accordingly. Read here how you can publish the job.

5. Under the point "Links to the application form" you can select the label If this label is not in the selection, you can simply write the desired name in the field.

6. Make sure that the button is set to "On".

7. Now you can copy the specific link to the application form for

Click on "Copy link".

8. The changes are saved automatically.

9. Now you can send the link to Unfortunately, there are currently still cantonal differences in the notification of apprenticeships.

If you can report apprenticeships via e-portal, you can insert the link directly into the application address.

If you can report apprenticeships via e-mail, then simply add the link to the corresponding position and note that it is the link to the application form (application address).

10. Here is an example, a published apprenticeship with Dualoo Link

11. By clicking on the link, the applicants will be taken directly to the input mask for the online application as usual.

12. Now you only have to wait for online applications.

How you can advertise jobs on various other platforms / job portals you can see here.

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