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  • The Multiposting of solique must have been installed by your administrator.

  • Rights as Recruiter (authorization to participate in the process / dossier)

  • A recorded job that you would like to publish

  • Here you can see how to enter a job.

How can a job be published on solique?

1. You can access the settings of the job by clicking on the button in the job overview.

Then go to the "Publish" section.

2. Activate the checkbox solique Integration

3. Next, enter your username and password from solique

Information This has to be done only once per user, after that Solique is already listed in the direct integrations.

4. Solids are automatically added in the direct integrations.

button is set to "Off" by default.

5. If the button is set to "On", the smart multiposting from solique opens automatically and you can start further processing of the order entry in solique.

6. Select the desired medium for publishing the job advertisement.

7. All texts including the intertitles are automatically transferred to solique. But here you can now edit and complete the texts further.

8. In the details you can now enter further information, which is specifically required by the respective job platforms.

9. Finally, the publication order can be placed.

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