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How does the mass rejection work?
How does the mass rejection work?

Learn how mass rejection works.

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  • Recruiter rights (authorization to collaborate in the process / dossier)

Use mass rejection

1. Click on "Job" in the menu above

2. Now select the position for which you want to make a mass rejection.

3. Click on "Group Action" on the left side and select "Mass rejection by e-mail":

4. You can now select the 'dossiers' that are to receive a mass rejection. Dualoo will show you directly if someone has already received a 'rejection' or 'acceptance'. If a dossier does not have an e-mail address, a message will also be displayed. There you must first enter an e-mail address.

5. Click again on the button from step 3. there you can see how many candidates are selected.

6. In the next step you can select a "template" as usual, adjust subject and content and change the time of sending. Dualoo uses placeholders to ensure that the mails are personalized (e.g. with a personal greeting).

7. Click on "Send" to finish. The rejections will be sent automatically at the defined time. The dossiers will receive a 'Rejection' step and will be completed immediately.

8. When you are finished with the job advertisement, do not forget to define the job as 'closed'. More about this here.

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