Each step in the process has a date (e.g. date of interview or trial work). The recruiter adds different evaluators for the process step (read here how it works). How are these evaluators informed?

Please note that only e-mails are sent when you add another person (and not yourself) as a rater.

There are two options:

Date is in the future

If the date is in the future, the rater is always informed about the evaluation one day before the date.

Date lies in the past

If the date is in the past, i.e. the interview has already taken place, the rater is informed immediately.

In both cases the following e-mail is sent. With a click on "Go to rating " you can switch directly to Dualoo and submit your rating. The recruiter will then receive an e-mail that you have completed the evaluation.

Reminder after the deadline and rating not filled in

One day after the deadline, the rater will be informed of his or her failure and asked to complete the evaluation.

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