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What is the purpose of personality analyses?

Personality traits are, in addition to cognitive skills and methodological competencies, jointly responsible for professional success. Therefore, personality analyses are becoming increasingly important in personnel selection and development processes. With the personality analyses IdentyFi from we offer you an additional instrument for the recruitment of learners and employees.

How can I install the IdentyFi personality analysis and integrate it into the application process?

1. Go to "Apps & Integrations" in the "Settings" menu and click on the "Details" button of the IdentyFi integration.

2. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy of and click on the "Install" button

3. 2 new templates were automatically added to the menu item "Template letters / e-mail" under the step Type "Personality Analysis".

You can adapt these to your needs as usual.

Important: Do not replace the placeholders with the information for the test execution ([[IDENTYFI_LINK]] and [[IDENTYFI_CODE]]).

4. Go to "Settings" and select the menu item "Template letters / e-mail" and add the "Personality Analysis" as a new process step in the desired process.

Then select the corresponding personality analysis under Name and choose the desired letter and e-mail templates under Documents.

5. Now you can actively use the personality analysis in the application process and invite the candidates to take a test.

In this article you can see how the process and the implementation of a personality analysis works.

What are the installation costs?

The billing of the personality analyses is done directly by the company We at Dualoo have no influence on the costs and billing of

The valid and current prices can be found on the website under the following link:

Costs per performance (test, as of 25.10.2019):

  • IdentyFi® (Personality analysis for young people): 40.00 CHF

  • IdentyFi® Pro (Personality analysis for adults): 75.00 CHF

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