New design Add applicant portal

1. Click on "Settings" at the top of the menu Under the title "Layout", select the sub-item "Job application portal design".

2. Click to the right of the existing design

We recommend to first create a new design and only then exchange it in the existing online applicant portal when everything has been adapted as desired.

3. Assign an appropriate "Title" (for example, design of a website CD)

4. Now you can define the different colors and design of the buttons with the color grid or enter a HEX code for color selection You can generate the HEX code here.

Tip: Create an applicant portal for practice purposes, i.e. one that is not integrated on your website or elsewhere. Additionally post one of your current jobs on this portal. Then you can enter the corresponding design and see all changes you make in the settings.

5. If everything is adjusted as desired, you can scroll up again in this menu item and use this design also for the links to the application form. This means that the design will also be used for the links you use on the various job portals, social media or on your website (if you have integrated the jobs via the links on your website).

6. Now you can also use the adapted design for the applicant portals (e.g. your website). To do so, go to "Online job application porta"l in the "settings" and select the desired design.

7. Now you can view your revised design on your website.

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