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How can I show or hide fields in the online application?
How can I show or hide fields in the online application?

Learn how to show, hide or define certain fields as mandatory.

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  • Admin rights

  • You can find what you need to consider for multilingualism in point no. 5

  • The input mask must be specified in the 'Online Application' section of the job advertisement.

Create new input mask

1. Click on "Settings" in the menu Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "Input masks online job application portal".

2. Click to the right of the name of the existing input masks

3. Enter a name and "Save" it

4. Select for which type of position this input mask can be used.

5. If you use several recruitment languages, you must make the following adjustments in the respective languages. Candidates can change the language on their own when applying online.

6. For each field (except for the standard Dualoo fields), you can select whether the field should be displayed and whether it is a mandatory field or not. Without filling in the mandatory fields, an online application cannot be submitted. 7.

7. You can also decide whether the PDF help & notes should be displayed.

8. Text input (description = title)

This free text field can be used as a comment field. As it is a free text field, it can also be used for any other information (e.g. annual salary expectations incl. 13th month salary or earliest start date etc.).

Buttons in the application portal / job advertisement / input mask

Since the input mask can be selected individually for each job, the texts displayed on the buttons can also be defined here. These are the buttons for navigating from the application portal to the job advertisement (description) and then on to the input mask and for sending applications.

The texts displayed on the buttons can thus be adjusted for applications for information days, trial apprenticeships or the classic sending of applications.

Define own fields

Currently it is not possible to define your own fields. Please get in touch with us.

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