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How can I create or adapt my own design for e-mails?
How can I create or adapt my own design for e-mails?

Learn how to define the design of the e-mails. This is primarily about defining the signature.

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You can read the connection between design and template here.

The signature applies to all e-mails and to all employees.


  • Admin rights

  • You can find out what you need to consider with multilingualism below in this article

Change new design

1. Click on "Settings" at the top of the menu Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "E-mail settings".

2. You can now define the signature. Use placeholders to dynamically add for example the name of the employee.

3. It is also possible to place images in the signature.

4. Finally, save your changes by clicking on "Save".

For accounts with multiple recruitment languages

If you have activated several recruitment languages in your account, then you must make the adjustments to the e-mail signature in all languages.

Information: In the Dualoo best practice text templates "Templates letters / e-mail" in French, the salutation is directly integrated in the text. Therefore, with French, it is not necessary to integrate a salute into the signature.

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