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Settings process steps

In the process steps, you can make two individual settings in each step. You will find these two checkboxes in the lower area of the respective process step.

Enable online advertisement

You must activate this checkbox to be able to advertise a step in the jobs online at all. If no step in the application process has the checkbox activated, no job advertisement can be entered for a job.

Tip: Typically this is used for the application receipt step. This feature is also used for online posting of trial apprenticeships or information events in apprentice recruitment.

Enable process interruption

If the process interruption is activated in the "Settings" for the relevant step, the step in the application process is completed directly and no new step is opened.

Activating the checkbox is only recommended in exceptional cases, because then no next step is triggered. The process can be resumed at any time if necessary.

Tip: This is typically used for the steps acception or rejection, i.e. at the end of the application process. However, this feature is also used for trial apprenticeships in apprentice recruitment so that upstream process steps such as trial apprenticeships can be advertised online.

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