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Problem description

If you post a job on LinkedIn via Publish, LinkedIn will retrieve the information in Dualoo at that moment. The problem is that LinkedIn retrieves this information only once, so subsequent changes in Dualoo are not updated on LinkedIn. This means that there is a cache problem on the LinkedIn side, which we can handle with a turnaround.

For a better understanding you will find two concrete examples here:

  • Adjustment of the job description or job title. Even though the number of jobs in Dualoo has been changed from 80-100% to 60-80%, the job ad in LinkedIn still shows the original values.Anpassung des Stellenpensums oder Stellenbezeichnung

  • Adjustment of the status of a job (Open / Closed) If the "status" of a job is changed from "closed" back to "open" and the job ad is to be shared again in the LinkedIn feed, the status is not updated. This means that although the job is set back to open in Dualoo, LinkedIn will show that the job posting has expired:

Instruction Solution

As a solution a manual post can be created in LinkedIn. For this we copy the correct link from Dualoo, so that later evaluations are possible without problems.

1. In the "job overview" - under "Publish" the LinkedIn link "Share again":

2. Click on the prepared false job advertisement in LinkedIn

3. The correct job advertisement is opened and you can copy the link from the tab

4. You can now switch to LinkedIn and enter a manual post.

Click on Start new post

5. Paste the copied link first - again the link preview (with the wrong information) will be created

6. Delete this preview by clicking on the X

7. You can now create the post completely manually. That means you can enter an individual text, as well as manually upload an image.

Important: The link has to be included in the post (of course you can also optimize it optically by using a common shortener).

8. Then you can post the post in the feed of LinkedIn and just have to wait for the online applications. The applications are correctly assigned to the LinkedIn channel.

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