Dualoo will have a sophisticated and automated talent pool in the future. Until this feature is available to everyone by default, we recommend this solution.

All about working with talent pools can be found here.


  • Admin rights

1. Create new templates Letters/e-mails for the Talent Pool

1. At least two templates are required (invitation and information about a suitable position)

2. Click on "Settings" above Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "Template letters / e-mail".

3. First "Select step type" "Pause".

4. Click on

to open a new document template.

5. Enter a name for the new template in the "Title" field (e.g. "Talent pool request" or "Suitable position for talents in the talent pool").

6. The item "Text template" must be activated.

7. A design must be selected under Design template for letters. Read here how you can create or customize a design.

8. Under the point Subject, the subject line of the e-mail and the content of the placeholder X_BETREFF must be defined. To make the subject dynamic, placeholders can be used (here). The placeholders can be easily placed using the "Insert placeholders" item.

9. Finally save the file by clicking on "Save".

10. The content/text of the letters and e-mails is now stored in the "Content" section. This is inserted into the letters with the placeholder X_TEXT. The placeholders can also be conveniently placed here with "Insert placeholder". At the end save again with "Save".

11. In the last point, attachments can be defined for e-mails and additional pages for letters. The document must be uploaded as *.DOCX. Placeholders can also be defined here (here).

12. Example 1 (Invitation Talentpool):

13. Example 2 (Suitable position for talents in the talent pool):

2. Create a new process for the talent pool

1. Click on "Settings" at the top of the menu Under the title "Module recruitment", select the sub-item "Application processes".

2. Click on

to create a new process.

3. Now enter a meaningful name for the process under "Process name" (for example Talentpool). This name will then be displayed in the dossier overview.

4. Click on

and "select the step type" "Pause".

5. The step is automatically added at the last position.

6. Now enter a meaningful name for the step under "Name" (e.g. Talentpool Project Management). This name will then be displayed in the dossier overview.

7. Under "Documents" you can now enter as many documents as you like, which are generated in this step. Add the previously created template here. In our example: Talentpool request (Sie form)

8. Repeat steps 4-7 as often as you like and create different talent pools for the different areas in your company (e.g. production, sales, administration, managers...)

9. Once all of them have been created, we recommend that you move the acceptance and rejection, which are now the top process steps, to the bottom.

10. Click on the relevant process step

and select "Down" or "Up". (Attention: the respective step is only moved one position down. In this case this must be repeated a few times until the acceptance and rejection is at the bottom).

3. Create new position Talent Pool

1. Click on "Jobs" in the menu above.

2. Click on "Create new job advertisement" on the left side.

Then select "Employees" in the "Job type" and enter the job titles below. In the additional text you must add the location for which the talent pool is being created (in our example Goldach)

4. Set the "Number of jobs" to "1" and "status" to "open".

5. Click on "Continue".

6. If you have multiple locations, select the "Location" for which the talent pool will be created If you only have one location, this selection is not available.

7. Select "Starting date" "Per arrangement" when starting a job, "100%" for "Work percentage" and "unlimited" for employment. For Process, select the previously created process for the Talent Pool.

8. At "User rights", add all recruiters of this location who recruit employees.

9. Click on "Continue".

10. Click on "None" for "Publish online" and then click on "Save".

11. Repeat steps 2-10 as often as you like for each location where you want to work with a talent pool.

Working with the Talent Pool

Read more HERE.

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