Current solution

Filling out the online application by recruitment agencies...

1. Without cooperation with the tendering company

The form is filled out with the applicant's details. Only the e-mail address of the recruiter will be entered. Thus all e-mail replies are sent to the recruiter, who in turn is in contact with the applicant.

This ensures that the communication takes place through the recruiter.

2. With agreed cooperation with the company that advertised the position

The form is filled out with the applicant's details. The applicant's e-mail address will also be stored with the e-mail address of the applicant. The company uses an application form with a comment field. The recruiter enters his or her contact details in this field. In case of acceptance or rejection, the recruiter will be informed.

Future solution

1. When advertising a job, the recruiter can indicate whether applications from recruiters are desired. If this is not desired, this will be mentioned in the application mask (possibly also in the job overview).

2. If applications from recruiters are desired, a selection appears in the input mask

I am: Applicant (Standard) / Recruiter

3. If recruiters are selected, the company and contact data can also be stored.

4. In the dossier, "Recruiter" is stored under Source and Dualoo automatically informs the recruiter if a job is accepted or rejected. The rest of the communication takes place directly with the applicants.

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