• at least: Recruiter rights

  • optional: Admin rights

Create new job "Spontaneous application" or "Speculative application

1. Click on "Jobs" in the menu above

2. Click on "Create new job advertisement" on the left side.

3. Select "Job type" "Employees" and the job title "Unsolicited applicant" and as gender-neutral job title "Unsolicited application".

4. Select the remaining fields as required. Click on "continue".

5. Now select the location, the job start, the "Work percentage", the "Employment contract" and the "process". Then confirm with "Continue".

6. Now you can either advertise this position in your applicant portal and/or publish the link on your website (here more on the second option).

Handling "spontaneous applications" or "unsolicited applications" after entering the online application


1. If you receive a speculative application, which would also lead to a rejection in case of a suitable position, you can immediately reject the applicant as usual.

Assign to the appropriate position:

1. If the unsolicited application matches an advertised position, change the position and thus transfer the applicant to the "regular" application process of the position

2. If you are not responsible for this recruitment, change the responsible person in the application to the responsible recruiter

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