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Create additional KPIs, charts or reports in Dualoo
Create additional KPIs, charts or reports in Dualoo

In this article you will learn how to make evaluations with Dualoo.

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  • Recruiter rights (with authorization in all job profiles to be evaluated)


Individual evaluations directly in Dualoo

If you set the corresponding filters in the individual overviews and display all table entries individually, you will see the number at the top next to the search.

For example, if you want to know how many interviews you conducted in 2021, then select the corresponding attributes in the filter in the rating overview. You will then see the number of interviews that match your filter criteria in the display next to the eye icon.

Copy data from Dualoo and evaluate in Excel

You can transfer data from all overviews in Dualoo (jobs, dossiers and ratings) to an Excel list and carry out detailed evaluations from there.

The following information and key figures can be derived from the individual overviews:

  • Jobs

    • Number of jobs

    • Time to hire

    • Number of applicants

    • Number of acceptances

  • Ratings

    • Number of applications per month / year

    • Time to interview

    • Time to internal response

    • Application Funnel

    • Channel/source evaluations

    • and much more

  1. Insert further columns

    You can show further columns in all overviews in Dualoo - depending on which key figures you want to calculate.

2. You can also set the desired filters. In the rating overview, we recommend activating the checkbox "Show all steps (incl. without rating scheme)" so that all steps are displayed in the overview.

3. Next, load all table entries.

4. Select the complete overview and copy it (selection only possible with the mouse/cursor and not with the keyboard control ctrl+alt+A).

Tip: If you stay in the title bar while marking, you save yourself the tedious scrolling - because as soon as you move the mouse to the right end, everything is automatically marked.

5. Afterwards you can copy the cached list into an Excel spreadsheet. With the various features of Excel you can now carry out the evaluations according to your wishes.

Important: In order to comply with data protection, the names of the Applicants must also be anonymised in Excel.

Evaluation: Number of applications per advertisement channel

If you want to evaluate via which channel the applications were received, you can go to the job settings in the corresponding job. In the "Publish" area you will now see the desired number and can transfer it to your Excel list if necessary.

In both the dossier and rating overview, you can add the source as an additional column. For example, you can get an initial overview of the channels from which the acceptions made were originally received. To do this, go to the dossier overview and filter by the acceptions.

Tip: Detailed evaluations are possible with the Excel list mentioned below.

Dualoo KPI Excel template

Until evaluations are possible directly in Dualoo with just a few clicks (cf. next chapter "Evaluations in the future"), we have compiled an Excel file that calculates the most important key figures for you on the basis of the data from Dualoo. Under the following link you can download the Excel file including detailed instructions. You will also find an instruction video (in german) below.

Your evaluations via KPI Excel could look like this:

Evaluations in the future

Are these evaluations not enough for you? Not for us either. With the above instructions and the Excel template, it is already possible today to carry out all conceivable evaluations in Dualoo, but admittedly it is still a bit time-consuming. We are developing a module that will visualise the most important key figures in recruitment in the future. Contact us via the chat, we will be happy to show you what we are developing.

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