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  • Recruiter rights (with authorization in all job profiles to be evaluated)

Evaluations in the job overview

1. In the job overview you can evaluate how many jobs you have advertised in the corresponding period and also how many applications you have received for the respective job.

Tip: Select the appropriate criteria in the filter. For example, the period by selecting the job start date in the filter.

2. Load all table entries next.

3. Mark the complete overview and copy it (selection with mouse/cursor only and not with keyboard control ctrl+alt+A)

4. You can then insert the cached list into an Excel spreadsheet for evaluation and then display the evaluations in the Excel spreadsheet as you wish.

5. If you also want to evaluate over which channel the applications have been received, switch back to Dualoo and go to the job settings in the corresponding position, then go to the "Publish" section and transfer the number of applications received per channel to your Excel list.

Evaluations in the dossier overview

1. In the dossier overview you can evaluate further points of the respective job or make general evaluations independent of the jobs (e.g. number of applications, or job interviews conducted in a certain period).

2. Activate that the applications are displayed individually. This will allow candidates who have applied for several jobs to view their dossiers individually, which will enable a correct evaluation. Next, load all table entries.

3. You can use the filter to sort the desired results. For example, if you want to know how many jobs are planned in 2021, select the corresponding attributes in the filter. You will then see in the display next to the eye icon the number of dossiers that match your filter criteria.

4. If you also want to transfer the evaluation to an Excel list, you can mark the selection accordingly and copy it to an Excel table.

Tip: Hide the picture from the overview first, this is easier.

5. You can then add the selection of dossiers to an Excel list.

Important: In order to respect data protection, the names of the applicants must also be made anonymous in Excel.

Are these evaluations not enough for you? Not enough for us either. With the above instructions, it is already possible to make all kinds of evaluations in Dualoo, but admittedly it is still a lot of work. We are developing a module that will visualize the most important key figures in recruitment in the future. Please contact us via the chat, we will be happy to show you what we are developing.

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