Not only can you transfer the applicant data without manual entry, but also other information such as the insurance number or IBAN.


  • Admin rights to create a new template with a form link in "Templates Letters/Email"

  • Recruiter rights to use the template in the process

  • Google Account to create a new form

What is a form & what providers are there?

A web form is a form on a website to collect data. This data is then automatically saved to a file and can then be uploaded to one of your downstream systems (e.g. ERP, PIS) via CSV import.

There are countless providers, ultimately you have to choose the tool that is best suited for the purpose of your requirements. But in the following we will present you the solution via Google Forms, as we use this ourselves and it is a good free tool.

Google Form - Step by Step Guide

1. Go to
Now you have to log in with your Google account or create a new account if you don't have one yet.

2. create a new form (without a template) by clicking on "Blank".

3. Enter a title and description text.

4. Create the first question and select the type of answer (e.g. short answer for AHV No.). Indicate in each case whether it is a compulsory question or not.

5. Enter all the other questions so that you receive all the information you need. You can also insert pictures or videos and generally adapt the form to your corporate design.Tip: In addition to obvious questions such as AHV No. or IBAN, you could also already be asked which colour in our company logo do you like best? A welcome present or the business cards could then be printed in this colour.

6. Now go to Answers and create a new table (Google Sheet / Excel file) in which the answers of the applicants will be saved.

7. Select "Create new spreadsheet" and enter a name for the document.

8. A table will be created automatically with all the questions you have entered in the form.

9. Now go to the "settings" and enter the e-mail address which should receive an info when new information has been sent. This will enable you to initiate further steps (e.g. contract creation, import into ERP).

10. Remain in the settings and now switch to the link. Shorten the URM if desired and then copy the link to the form.

11. Create a new template in Dualoo in the "Templates letters / e-mail" in the step "Commitment". You can see how to create new templates here. It is important that you add the link to your form in the template.

12. Now you only have to wait for the first responses and can import this information as CSV into your further system.

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