• Recruiter rights (authorization to work in the process / dossiers)

  • Existing dossier with an application

What are these functions needed for?

Below you will find a few use cases, which also explain the function well.

  • Spontaneous applications
    You have received a spontaneous application and just have a suitable job to which you would like to assign the whole application.

  • More suitable job
    Candidate has applied for a specific job, but would be a much better fit for a completely different vacancy.

  • Talent pool
    If you would like to include candidates in the talent pool.

  • Application documents
    If you want to display part of the application documents in another step of the application process. For example, the CV from the application receipt step should also be displayed in the interview step for the line.

Change job

See below how to assign an entire application to another job.

Important: You will no longer be able to see which job the applicant originally applied for. We therefore recommend that you make a remark in the notes.

1. Open the desired dossier and click on the 3-dot button.

2. Select "Change job"

3. Select the desired job from the drop-down list and click on "Save".

Move application documents

1. Open the desired dossier and click on the 3-dot button in the communication area of the desired document.

2. Select "Move"

3. Select all desired documents. Specify to which job and in which step of the process the documents are to be moved or copied. Then click on "Move".

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