1. Introduction

    1. Personal assistant

    2. Sorting by due date

  2. Calculation of due dates

    1. Dossiers

    2. Ratings

  3. Tips & tricks for recruiters

    1. Delete ratings not completed for acceptances/rejections

    2. Many overdues


Dualoo allows you to easily keep track of open tasks.

Personal assistant

In the cockpit you have the personal assistant. This shows you the open items sorted by due date. With one click, you land in the corresponding view and can complete your tasks. Depending on whether you are a recruiter or a rater, you will see dossiers and ratings or only ratings.

Sorting by due date and using filters

Another option to get an overview is to sort and filter by due date in the overviews: Dossier and Ratings.

To do this, click on the arrow next to "Edit filter" and select "My open dossiers".

Alternatively, you can click directly on the column title "Maturity" in the corresponding view and get the dossiers/ratings that have been due the longest at the top.

Calculation of due dates


Based on the date in each open process step, the due date (1 day after the date in each case) is calculated.

Attention: For the step to be shown as due, it must still be open. Once completed, it will not appear in the due list.


(End) date of the step is in the past

If the last date of the step is in the past, the cut-off date is the date on which the rating was invited. For example, if the application receipt was received on 03/08 and the recruiter invited for rating on 15/08, the rating will appear as due on 16/08.

(End) date of the step is in the future

If the last date of the step is in the future, the due date is the end date of the step. If, for example, the trial apprenticeship on 08.08. was arranged for 13-15.08. and the rater was also invited to the rating on 08.08., the rating will only appear as due on 16.08.

Tips & tricks for recruiters

Delete incomplete ratings in case of acceptance/rejection

In the case of an acceptance or rejection, check whether there are still open ratings in previous steps and delete them. Otherwise, these ratings remain open and are considered due.

Many overdues

Do you have many due dates in the dossiers for which you cannot currently continue working, e.g. due to the holiday absence of a line manager? In this case, you can include an "on hold" step.

  1. Go to Application processes in the settings and enter a new pause step. Rename it appropriately (e.g. "On hold") and put it in the right order.

  2. If necessary, enter new mail templates (Settings - Templates Letters/E-Mails) for health letters.

  3. Link these templates in the process step you entered under point 1.

Now you can use this pause step for the dossiers concerned and define yourself by the step date when this dossier is due again.

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