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How does the anonymisation of applications work?
How does the anonymisation of applications work?

In this article you will learn how anonymisation works in Dualoo. Admins can adjust the time limits in the settings.

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In accordance with the Data Processing Agreement (DPA), which is based on the GDPR and the DSG, the client is responsible for deleting or anonymising the candidate dossiers from Dualoo in a timely manner. To make it as easy as possible for our customers to comply with the legal provisions, Dualoo automatically anonymises the candidate dossiers (Privacy by Design). The deadlines can be set by the Dualoo admins.


  • "Admin" rights to adjust the default deadlines.

  • "Recruiter" rights to see the anonymised data in the dossier overview and to anonymise applicants individually

  • Rights as "rater" to see the anonymised data in the rating overview

View anonymised dossiers

Below you can see the sample images of anonymised data in the dossier overview and rating overview. It is no longer possible to open the detailed view (e.g. to view the application documents) of anonymised dossiers or ratings by clicking on the line.



Anonymise automatically

Feature / Deadlines

Two anonymisation deadlines can be entered. One is the deadline for applications that contain a rejection step in the application process and the other is a deadline for applications that do not contain a rejection step in the application process.

The deadline refers to the date of the last process step in an application.

Example with settings "Anonymisation of dossiers with rejection" - Deadline: 4 months

12.03.2023: "Application receipt" (1st process step of an application)

23.03.2023: "Video interview" (2nd process step of an application).

03.04.2023: "on hold" (3rd process step of an application)

07.04.2023: "rejection" (4th process step of an application)

07.08.2023: Automatic anonymisation takes place

Setting options / deadlines

The following applicants will not be anonymised:

  • Applications that contain open steps (regardless of where in the process the open process step is located).

  • Applications with an acceptance step (this also applies if the application process contains a rejection and acceptance step).

Individual / manual anonymisation

Recruiters can also anonymise applicants individually. This happens regardless of the deadline defined in the settings.

1. Click on the 3-dot button for the desired application.

2. Select anonymise application.​

3. A message appears asking whether you agree to the anonymisation of the data.

4. A green confirmation message appears at the top right after you have clicked on "Anonymise".

Frequently asked questions & answers

We are not lawyers and do not give binding legal advice. We have set ourselves the goal of providing our clients with the best possible advice and have therefore compiled answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Where can I find the binding information on DSG / GDPR?

Under these links you will find the applicable data protection laws:

Do we have to make additional agreements with applicants?

The law requires that applicants actively consent to data processing. Dualoo regulates the legal relationship between the 3 parties (applicant, Dualoo customer and Dualoo) with the usage and privacy policies. These provisions are accepted by the applicants when submitting an online application, so that no additional agreements need to be made with the applicants.

Is anonymisation sufficient or do dossiers have to be deleted?

Anonymisation is sufficient, as no conclusions can be drawn about the applicants and access to the application documents, correspondence or ratings is no longer possible. In the background, the applicants' personal data and application documents are deleted from the database.

The deletion of applicant dossiers via the 3-dot button is only possible before the anonymisation of a dossier. Deleted data is irrevocably deleted after 60 days and is no longer available for evaluation. We recommend not deleting dossiers so that evaluations are still possible. Dossier deletion can be used to delete individual dossiers if necessary.

What happens in the case of multiple applications?

If an applicant has applied several times for different jobs with you, the applications are anonymised independently of each other and according to the respective deadline.

What happens if I adjust the time limits in the settings?

If you extend the anonymisation period, e.g. from 4 months to 6 months, then anonymisation will take place after this period. Dossiers that have already been anonymised will not be reactivated.

If you shorten the period, the dossiers will be anonymised after the shorter period (anonymisation does not take place immediately, but once a day during the night).

Can the anonymisation be reversed?

Anonymised dossiers can be reactivated by Dualoo Support within 90 days of anonymisation. The notification must be made by a Dualoo admin to [email protected] and costs CHF 75.00 excl. VAT per dossier. After the deadline has expired, a restoration is no longer possible.

Where can I find the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) with Dualoo?

When you take out a Dualoo subscription, the Data Processing Agreement (DPA) is automatically entered, signed and sent to you by us.

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