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What is the Dualoo API and how can I use it?
What is the Dualoo API and how can I use it?

Dualoo offers an open REST API for integration & extension of Dualoo. API key can be requested via email.

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Dualoo has an open REST API. The purpose of the Dualoo API (Application Programming Interfaces) is to enable customers to use the third-party applications in "apps & integrations" and to program extensions for Dualoo themselves.

API documentation

The extension of the interface (API) is constantly in progress. You can find the current status here:

If you are missing API endpoints, we would be happy to receive a request via chat to discuss your concerns and possibly publish a new endpoint in collaboration.

Obtaining an API Key

To obtain an API Key (also called "Bearer authentication" or "authentication token") for your Dualoo account, please send an email to [email protected]. We will be happy to contact you afterwards.

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