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How does the manual entry of applications work?
How does the manual entry of applications work?

Learn how to manually enter an application when an application is received by mail or e-mail.

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We recommend that you use our applicant link in as many places as possible. This will save you the tedious process of entering applicant data. Read here how it works. It is also possible to integrate all open positions with an applicant portal directly into the website. You can read about this here.


  • Recruiter rights (authorization to collaborate in the process / dossier)

Manual entry of an application

1. Click on "Job" in the menu above and select the open position for which the applicant has applied to you.

2. If the job does not exist yet, you can add it with this article: here.

3. Click now on the top left

4. Fill in all data of the applicant and save the 'Dossier'. You go directly to the 'Dossier'.

5. If desired, you can upload the application photo. Click on the button:

6. To assign the dossier to a job, click on

7. Now select the position for which the applicant has applied.

8. Now you have to "Select the first step". Normally this is the application receipt.

9. Then select the "Responsible person". This person is now responsible for the step and must ensure that the process continues. If you assign this to another person, this person will be informed via e-mail and can jump directly to the dossier with one click.

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