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How does the receipt of an online application work?
How does the receipt of an online application work?

Learn how it works when a candidate applies to you online.

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  • Recruiter rights (authorization to work in the process / dossiers) - to check application receipt in Dualoo

  • Make sure that your applicant portal is integrated on the website or that you have placed the applicant link on social media or job portals (e.g. This is the only way for the candidate to find the online application form from Dualoo.

Would you like to know how to do this?

  • Integrate applicant portal into website: here

  • Scatter applicant link on social media or job portals: here

Procedure Receipt of an online application

1. The candidate applies via the online application form and enters his/her data including CV, certificate etc.

2. The 'responsible person', who was defined when the job was entered, receives an e-mail and is informed about the 'Application reception'.

3. By clicking on "View dossier" you can jump directly to the new application and view all relevant information.

4. In addition, the applicant will receive a confirmation e-mail directly after sending.

How can I change the person responsible for receiving applications?

The 'Responsible Person' for the receipt of applications can easily be changed via the job settings. Here you will find the correct help article.

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