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How can I store cover images for advertisements as templates?
How can I store cover images for advertisements as templates?

Learn how to store cover images in the templates so that they can be displayed in the digital job ad.

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  • Admin rights to add or edit new templates.

  • Cover images are only available for digital advertisements.

Add cover pictures to the media library

1. Add cover images to the Media Library

Click on "Settings" at the top of the menu and select "Media libraries for job advertisement" in the "Templates" area.

2. Click on the button

you can add more cover images.

3. Over the button

you can change the name of the title image or delete the image if it has not been used. If the image was used, you can "archive" it and it will not be available for future job postings.

4. You can change the name of the image not only by using the edit button but also by clicking on the title itself.

5. By selecting the job types in the field "Can be used in the following positions:", the image is only available for the respective job type.

6. Once a title image has been added, it is available in the Jobs section for the design of digital advertisements. See this guide for how to create them.

Pictures templates for download

We have created the following pictures for you as templates and these are available for advertisements (royalty-free).

Template - Administration: Download

Template - Construction: Download

Template - Gastronomy: Download

Template - Health: Download

Template - Industry: Download

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