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How can I integrate Multiposting solique into Dualoo?
How can I integrate Multiposting solique into Dualoo?

Learn how to enable multiposting from solique and how to use it in publishing a job.

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  • Admin rights

  • Existing solique account (you must already be a solique customer)

What does Multiposting mean?

Multiposting (also known as crossposting or short crossposting) is the simultaneous sending or publishing of a contribution to several newsgroups or web forums. In our case this means the publication of a vacancy / vacancy in several job portals. This allows a larger number of potential applicants to be reached. An advantage of multi-posting is that the job advertisements do not have to be entered several times at different locations.

How can I install the Multiposting from solique?

1. Go to the "Settings" in the menu "Apps & Integrations" and then click on the button "Details" of the integration solique

Important Requirement is that you already have a solique account.

2. Accept the terms of use and privacy policy of solique and click on the button "Install".

3. From now on you can use multiposting for open positions.

How you can use the Multiposting of solique for publishing jobs in practice you can see in this article.

What are the installation costs?

The integration of solique into Dualoo does not incur any additional costs. The billing for the publication of job advertisements on different portals is done directly by solique ag. We at Dualoo have no influence on the costs and billing of solique ag.

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