How can I store a logo for locations?

Learn how to deposit the logo of your company location.

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This image can be displayed on the applicant portal on your company website.

The image will also be used in the job advertisement on "Google for Jobs". By default we have an icon with the first letter of your location:


Tip: Google checks and verifies if the uploaded image is effectively one of your logos. If the verification is successful, your logo will be displayed at "Google for Jobs".

Add new logos

1. Click on "Settings" in the menu above

2. Under the title "Institution", select the sub-item "Locations / Departments".

3. Click at the desired location on

and navigate to the folder containing the image.

4. Select the image.

Important: It must have a square format.

5. You can then define the image section.

6. "Save" and the image is used immediately.

7. Here you can see how you can display your logo on the applicant portal.

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